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Digital and IT Skills

We have one of the best ranges of Digital/IT training courses and qualifications to offer business within Shropshire, and key aspects of our delivery are:

•    Highly experienced tutors
•    Flexible training to meet the needs of the business
•    Sessions arranged on days and times to suit the business where possible

Digital and IT Skills Training

Digital/IT skills training is available across a range of software courses and levels.  This can be conducted in group format either on-site, at our offices or the Skills Growth Hub.  Individual training and certification is generally conducted on-site, and the sessions are arranged on the days and times to suit your business.

IT skills training and certification for small/medium sized business is fully funded through Marches Skills Provider Network ESF Project, providing skills to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Understand and feel comfortable with some of the basic skills:

·         IT User Fundamentals

·         Using the Internet

·         Using Email

·         Using collaborative technologies

·         Using mobile IT devices

·         Audio Software

·         Video Software

·         Using OneDrive/Cloud


Are you getting the most out of your IT software? Microsoft Office training available to make you more productive and efficient in your everyday tasks:

Excel – spreadsheets, to monitor and control sales and expenditure and analyse business data in a variety of ways.

Word – word processing, using all the features to produce professional looking documents and promotional material.

PowerPoint – presentation software to promote your business to customers during meetings, exhibitions and on the Internet.

Access – database, to hold detailed information on customers, products, run reports, apply filters and design queries to extract specific data.

Outlook – connect, organise and get things done.  Email, calendar, contacts, tasks, all together in one place.

City & Guilds certification is available for a range of Digital/IT User programmes, to ensure your business is up to date using the current skills and techniques using a range of digital technologies.

Level 1

Level 1 Award, Certificate and Diploma for IT Users

Level 2

Level 2 Award, Certificate and Diploma for IT Users

Level 2 Certificate – Mobile Technology

Level 2 Certificate – Doing Business Online

Level 2 Certificate – Microsoft Certificated ITQ

Level 2 Certificate – Social Media

Level 2 Certificate – Digital Champions

Level 3

Level 3 Award and Certificate for IT Users.


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